Thursday, 18 October 2012

Rainy Day Halloween Crafts

Today was such a rainy day, but at Little Minds we didn't let the rain dampen our Halloween spirit as we crafted away. I took the opportunity to try out some Halloween crafts inspired by those that I had seen or pinned on Pintrest.

We started the day by painting some paper  plates black


                                                      And turned them into cute black cats...

We then used the remaining plates we painted to make a spider candy carry pouch

Spider Candy Carry pouch, made from painted paper plates, pipe-cleaners, type and construction paper
We finished the rainy morning making sparkly crowns

Prince for the day :)

In the afternoon we had another visit from  Munching Monsters (please see previous blog)

We gave each student a glow stick to place inside the monsters mouths, so they glowed - it was a real hit with our older cram school students :)

Monday, 15 October 2012

M is for Munching Monsters

Monday's at Little Minds are always very busy, with a classroom full of lively preschoolers in the mornings and our action packed Language Arts class in the afternoon. Today we had a few more visitors to our classroom, some very cute and friendly munching monsters.

Our Language arts students really enjoyed making their little Munching Monsters from recycled tissue boxes, paper and lots of sticky glue :)

                  Getting little fingers sticky... :)

We put glow sticks inside to make our little monsters mouth glow in the dark!
A happy class fill of Little Monsters :)
A Little Munching Monster - waiting to go home...
One of our Little Monsters stayed behind to keep the classroom safe

With Halloween creeping up on us, we are getting into the Halloween spirit here at Little Minds.
We are all getting very excited for our Halloween party and Parade on Saturday the 27th of October and cant wait to see all your scary and fantastic costumes...

Friday, 12 October 2012

Sratch and Win

This month we introduced our students to a new school challenge, which we like to call "Scratch and Win".

We are trying out a new way to keep our afternoon students excited and motivated to learn. Each student is given the opportunity to win a scratch card, to scratch and receive a prize.


The more students participate in class and the harder they try to do their best, the better their chances are to win a great prize!

 Scratching - Scratch cards...


 Happy to choose prizes...


 There are lots of interesting and exciting prizes to choose, so keep trying hard to win a scratch card :)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Second Week of Summer School- Sea treasures and Pirates

At Little Minds our second week of Summer school flew by,  as we said good bye to the wonderful sea creatures, rainbow fish and jelly fish we found under the sea last week...
This week  we become pirates in search of treasures and adventures...

We found many hidden treasures, colorful beads, feathers,glitter, shells and sparkly spangles, which have inspired many fun crafts...

On Monday our pre-schoolers talked about summer time activities and what foods we eat in the Summer. We made watermelons from paper plates, with glue and cut-out construction paper

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrgh Good Day Maties!!!!
By Wednesday we had all become pirates, we made our very own pirate hats from newspaper and decorated them with feathers and shiny gold paper


On Thursday our Cram school students enjoyed creating sparkly and spectacular treasure boxes, to hide their very own treasures in...

On Friday, we enjoyed making Pirate prints and bandanas, the students were excited to discover that vegetables such as Potatoes, daikon and renkon could be used to make funky prints :)



Next week our students can look forward to the adventures and tales of far -away fantasy places... we will be making crowns, wands and swords to help us prepare for a fantastic time in fairytale world :)